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Over $120+ Million Sold

Updated: Feb 27

How We Closed Over $100+ Million!

Meet the Golden Group Team from Southwest Florida

The Golden Group, a RE/MAX team located in Downtown Sarasota, possesses extensive expertise in the Real Estate market of Southwest Florida. They have been long-term residents of the region, granting them a profound comprehension of Sarasota's various neighborhoods and the diverse types of properties that are in high demand. This understanding enables them to pinpoint and acquire valuable properties for their clients, leading to their impressive sales volume.

Sarasota, Florida, has been a favorite destination for tourists for years, and recently an increasing number of individuals are choosing to relocate and make this Picturesque City their new home.

A Strong Track Record of Success

Due to their success in selling homes in Southwest Florida, The Golden Group has earned a robust reputation among their clients throughout Sarasota and beyond. Evidence of this can be found across numerous online platforms, including positive online reviews and word-of-mouth recommendations. Furthermore, their impressive track record has enabled them to attract high-value property sales, leading to even greater sales volume.

Sarasota's diverse population creates a dynamic and exhilarating environment for living. With a bustling arts scene that includes the Sarasota Opera House and the Sarasota Ballet, there are always exciting things to do and see, making the City an attractive and vibrant place to call home.

Effective Marketing and Networking

To sell $100+ million worth of homes in Sarasota and the surrounding region, The Golden Group utilizes an array of marketing and networking strategies, including social media, email marketing, and paid advertising. Their approach not only targets potential clients, but also promotes the listings of their current clients. Additionally, the Team frequently participates in networking events, forging ongoing relationships with other Real Estate professionals as well as always meeting new people and expanding their network. Through effective marketing and networking efforts The Golden Group has established a strong reputation, attracting a broad pool of potential clients and consistently closing high-value sales in Southwest Florida.

Helping People Find Their Dream Destination

The Golden Group has been instrumental in helping numerous individuals discover their ideal living space. This process involves collaborating with clients to ascertain their specific preferences, including location, amenities, budget, and lifestyle. Drawing upon their extensive expertise and knowledge of the local market, the Team then identifies and presents properties that align with their clients' requirements.

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