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From Wall Street to Waterfront:
Why New York's Financial Elite Are Fleeing to Florida's Southwest Coast...

As the sun rises over the Manhattan skyline, a new dawn beckons for New York's wealthy residents. Florida's west coast, especially Sarasota, offers an enticing alternative—where pristine beaches, financial benefits, and a luxurious lifestyle await those ready to take the plunge into this new way of life.


Affluent New Yorkers have taken notice of this coastal paradise which offers a change of pace and an opportunity to embrace a new standard of living. With its undeniable charm and undeniable allure, Sarasota has become a destination of choice for many of New York's elite.

"In 2023 Sarasota jumped from 9th spot to the number 5th spot on the U.S. News & World Report’s Best Places to Live in the U.S. and retained its number 1 ranking for best place to live in Florida. These rankings were based on quality of life, the job market, value, and desirability."
—Coastal Florida Lifestyle

Beaches, Tax Advantages & A Lavish Lifestyle

While the allure of pristine beaches and year-round sunshine may be compelling enough, the financial advantages of relocating to Florida haven’t gone unnoticed. The absence of state income tax is particularly appealing to high-earning individuals, allowing them to keep a larger portion of their wealth. This tax advantage alone has attracted many affluent New Yorkers who are seeking to optimize their financial portfolios while maintaining a lavish lifestyle.

"Its 12 miles of coastline are home to some of the most pristine and picturesque beaches in the country. "

Retirement Destination

Florida has long been a popular retirement destination, and now, Sarasota is capturing the attention of New York's retirees. With a myriad of exclusive retirement communities, world-class golf courses, and an array of diverse cultural scenes, Sarasota offers a luxurious and comfortable retirement lifestyle that’s hard to beat. Retirees can indulge in leisurely days spent on the golf course or savoring the vibrant arts scene, all while enjoying the warm climate and breathtaking coastal view.

Pic by Bradley Dunleavy: AC/DC Lead Singer Brian Johnson at the Local UPS Store Off 41 Near Downtown Sarasota, FL During Covid (2020-2021)

From CEOs To Rock Stars

Southwest Florida's coast is fast becoming the go-to destination for New York’s crème de la crème. From CEOs to rock stars, affluent New Yorkers are recognizing the allure of this coastal haven. With a burgeoning luxury real estate market and an abundance of opulent properties, Florida’s southwest coast offers an exclusive playground for the rich and famous. Whether it's a beachfront mansion or a private estate nestled within a gated community, the options for luxurious living are endless.

Dining, Yachting & More...

Sarasota embodies the perfect blend of sophistication, leisure, and natural beauty. From world-class dining experiences to pristine white sand beaches, residents can immerse themselves in a lifestyle that seamlessly blends opulence with relaxation. Whether it's enjoying a yacht excursion along the picturesque coastline, savoring fresh seafood at a waterfront restaurant, or taking in the many performing art venues, Florida’s southwest coast offers a myriad of indulgences that cater to even the most discerning tastes.

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